- cunt licking...

This text is about our respect for the cunt, and the art of licking pussy. The idea is to inspire you who want to learn (more about) how to lick a pussy - or get new ideas and do it better. See it as a guide that can give you inspiration. After the reading you have to try out for yourself. You can't learn how to be a good cunt licker just by reading, just as little as you could learn how to play an instrument by listening to someone else doing it. You have to try for yourself - learning by doing. There aren't two women who react the same way. Every cunt is like a unique instrument that you have to learn to play, in order to create wonderful music. She, in her turn, must learn to relax in your company in order to let you do it. If you are a woman you probably recognize some of what we are writing about - because you have a cunt. If you are a man you might not always have access to a cunt and there is some basic knowledge that is good to have when you get the opportunity to spend time with a cunt. We will give you some of the basics - but in order to create wonderful music - you have to be patient, committed and most of all; you have to enjoy licking and enjoy the taste of a cunt.

Create a good ambiance

Most women are a bit shy when it comes to their body. And even if you really think that this woman is the most beautiful woman in the world, it is probable that she has concerns about her body. Tell her that she is beautiful and tell her what parts you find especially attractive. By saying the words- and they have to be truthful - she can slowly build up a confidence for you and trust you.
Take a look at her cunt. Beautiful to look at, isn't it? Every cunt is unique. They look different - you can read more about it in the text about the looks of cunts. On some women their inner labia is small and hardly visible, as on small girls. Other women's inner labia are bigger, and are unfolding in front of you, like they are welcoming you. Some cunts are hidden in hairy nests, others have transparent hairs and some are shaved and naked.
What ever it looks like it's a privilege when a woman lets you be so close to her that you can see, feel, smell and kiss her cunt. Show that you appreciate her and that you are happy to be so close to her.

What is cunnilingus?

Cunnilingus is the Latin expression for the art of making love to a cunt with your mouth and your tongue. To be able to do that in a good way it demands feeling, sensitivity and commitment. It may demand certain patience, and with practice you can develop a skill in this noble art.
All cunts are different and demand a special touch to make her owner feel satisfied.
You do probably know what cunts looks like (see image below - texts are in Swedish), and you can identify areas like the Venus Mountain (venuskulle), the outer labia (yttre blygdläpp), the clitoris frock (klitoriskappan), the clitoris (klitoris), the inner labia (inre blygdläpp), the utera (urinmynningen), the vagina and the perineum (mellangården), to name them from the front to the back.

Women is often more communicative then men when it comes to love making. A woman often wants to feel that you really are there for her and with her, that she isn't an object that is in your power. She wants to feel special and that you see and appreciate her. Hence, it's important with communication. And you can express your self in different ways. Eye contact may me important, just like words. It's important that you feel that you respect her. It may mean that she wants you to approach her most sacred place in a slow and careful way. The communication between you two will make her feel safer and little by little she can disconnect from thoughts about looks and how she “should” behave. Then she becomes freer to really feel and enjoy the touch of your tongue and your mouth. You can try to say something about her beautiful cunt, but be a little careful at the beginning. There is a little risk that she will feel embarrassed. Most women are not used to partners who actually spell out what they see. When she has overcome her shyness, your words may help her getting more excited. As you are touching her beautiful cunt, talk about it if you feel she is ready for it, say positive things.
In this description our starting point is that she is laying on her back and you are laying between her legs. See this as a first position, where she has the possibility to lay totally relaxed and just receive. Later in this text other position are described.
Look at her cunt, separate her outer labia and look at the inner labia, lick them if you want to. Separate her inner labia. At the top you may observe her clitoris. Be very careful when you touch her. The skin of the cunt is very thin and some women are extremely sensible.
Your fingers should be wet, you can make them wet by licking them or through using her lubrication. It's especially important that your fingers are humid when you are touching her clitoris, since it's not getting wet by itself and is extremely sensible. Don't touch her clitoris yet, since a touch of the clitoris before she is very excited may feel unpleasant and that can give her the opposite reaction.
Now it's time to start using your tongue. Approach her cunt slowly. Some women likes to be teased, to almost have their cunt touched, again and again, just to sense a gentle touch by a finger or by the point of your tongue. Take your time. Touch her sensitive skin on the inside of her thighs with your tongue and your fingers.
Let the tongue investigate the surroundings of the cunt. Tease her, if she's not shaved, smell her hairs. Build up a sense of expectation in her and let it take some time before you actually touch her cunt.
Let your lips slip over her labia, barely touching, soft as the wings of a butterfly. Now she may show what she wants by lifting her genital area towards you. It's as if she says: “I am ready now”. Nibble with your lips, softly on her labia, and with the point of your tongue you separate her labia and let your tongue slowly slip up and down in the scratch between her inner labia. If your woman easily gets wet, she can be really wet by now and you can enjoy her juices. Let her know that you enjoy her, show her that she is wet and that you like to taste her. Some women gets more excited if they are given the opportunity to taste their own juice from your lips and fingers. This can be a perfect moment to crawl up to her face and kiss her, while you are touching her cunt with your fingers. Separate her legs carefully with your hands.
Then turn back to her cunt. Fuck her with your tongue. Let your tongue play in her cunt, as deeply as possible. In and out. This will stimulate and tease her, since she probably wants to feel your tongue towards her clitoris by now. In that case, lick it. If you can't see her clitoris, it may still wait under the fold.

Clitoris - the little pearl...

Let your tongue look for the little pearl, it is somewhere under the fold and you may get it to raise itself by letting your tongue dance over the skin that is hiding it. Lick harder, separate the labia and lick over the clitoris or the skin that is covering it. But be very sensitive to what she feels. Some women are extremely sensitive to direct touch on their clitoris. If your communication is good, you can ask her what feels best for her. When you think that you feel how she wants you to lick you go on… you can vary the touch, but let her bodily reactions guide you. If you feel a shaking in her legs the reason can be that she is close to orgasm, and you have to be very sensitive to her reactions. Look at her face. It can reveal the most silent among women. When you are aware of her being close to orgasm, you can model your lips like a circle around her clitoris. Suck it at the same time as you let your tongue whirl over it. Remember to read her all he time, look at her face. She may want you to suck harder or softer. Read her. If she likes it she may lift her genital area towards your face, to squeeze her closer to you. Keep up with her while you go on licking and sucking. Move with her instead of hindering her. Follow her and don't loose contact with her clitoris and what ever you do - don't stop. Something that can increase her pleasure is to touch the inside of her vagina with one or two fingers. Focus on the area around the opening and the ceiling of the vagina. There, a little bit upwards, is her G-spot. One finger is probably to thin and three to thick, so we guess that two fingers feels god, but be as always be aware of her reactions. The fingers have to be wet, with her juices or your saliva. Let them first slip in slowly and then more rapidly. Fuck her rhythmically with your fingers. Faster is she wants to, you will know what she wants by listening to her movements and her breath. She will show you. If you both lick and suck her clitoris, at the same time as you fuck her cunt you will give her much more pleasure than you could have done with your dick (if you are a man). So now she's about to peak…. By now her breast can be reddened and her body shake.
When she starts having her orgasm, don't let go of her clitoris. Be there and follow her movements at the same time as you lick and suck as long as she wants to. When she's beginning to come down the hill again, you may stop the direct touch of her clitoris, but don't stop touching her. Her whole sex is extremely sensitive now and if you are lucky she can have another orgasm now... and then another. Some women can have multiple orgasms. And the woman that you lick may have this ability, without knowing it, and you may be the one that helps her discover that.

When its all over, when both of you feels that, go on being close to her. Talk, touch her body, her breasts. Let her breath; let her slowly land with touch and closeness. A man can have one orgasm, then turn around and go to sleep without feeling empty. But a woman often needs closeness from her lover after the orgasm.
To lick a cunt can be the most exciting sexual experience you can have. But it becomes what you make it become. Take your time, practice and be sensitive to what your partner wants, and feel the pleasure yourself.

There are other positions. The most known is the 69 where the woman in standing on her hands and knees with her pussy over your mouth, and you can lick her at the same time as she licks you.
The disadvantage with the 69 is that she can't fully concentrate on her own pleasure. But there are advantages to. You can satisfy each other more or less simultaneously. Both have the possibility to give and receive pleasure. And it can definitely feel very exciting to lick ones partner at the same time as being licked. 69 makes it possible to have simultaneous orgasms - but it “risks” to be less intense then usual, since you have to concentrate on both you're own and your partners excitement.

With the 69 you can create possibilities to give each other very intense orgasms to. When you feel that your partner is close to orgasm, you can focus on her for a while and give her the space for her excitement. If you know your partner well, you know the signs when she is close to orgasm. Then you can change the pressure, lick on less sensible areas or stop for a moment. If you do that a few times and stop just before the moment of orgasm, it will increase the intensity of the orgasm. Once it's you who reach this point first, other times it's your partner.

She can also have her cunt over your face. She kneels right above your head. Here she has the possibility to steer her self and decide since she easily can move the way it feels best.
Here you even have the possibility to look at her from another interesting perspective and you can touch yourself at the same time as you are licking. If you are three who plays, this position is good, since it gives the third person a possibility to enjoy you in one way or another. There are more positions, try them out and see what you like.

“I have heard that cunts don't taste good.”

If smell and taste is something important, ask her to wash her self. You may start by taking a shower together so that the washing comes naturally. Many who likes to lick cunt thinks that a clean pussy tastes good, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she must come direct from the shower. The female sex has a natural smell that gets our hormones going and stimulates our interest in sex. The smell of a healthy women's cunt is something that awakens the sexual interest of her partner.
If you are worried about not liking the taste of a cunt, you can begin by for example using oil with a taste. That can be the first step in a process, that makes you a person who loves to lick cunt and who dares to love her natural juices.

Cunt licking and menstruation?

Merely the thought of licking pussy while she has her period turns some people of. If that's your feeling, wait. If you dislike the blood, a tampon can be protection enough. Some women have the experience that an orgasm during her period lessens her menstrual pains. There are anyhow no liquids that women secrete that are dangerous (blood, urine, lubrication). Some women can feel more pleasure to be licked during her period and if the licker really tastes all her juices. It can create a strong feel among the lovers, and the woman can feel totally accepted by her partner.

How fast?

Its not about attacking! Don't jump on the clitoris like a fireman attacks a fire. The clitoris is a very sensitive organ and it might very often take a while before you it can be touched. Start by licking around it, tease her, take your time and listen to your woman. Some women make noises, moans - and others don't - but you can listen to their breath... It will take a while before you understand and learn how this woman wants to enjoy. But no matter what - you should always start out slow and easy. When a woman starts reaching her orgasm she might want direct stimulation of her clitoris. Usually its a rhythmical and fast movement of your tongue and lips. But don't rush - let it take its time. Some women might want a finger or two inserted in her vagina or may by even anus. She might want her nipples stimulated or she might want you to part her cunt lips and be able to feel your tongue all over her sex. You just have to try, ask, practice... And - just because she wants it one way on one occasion - there is nothing that says that she wants it the same way the next time... You have to learn to "read" her...

Shaved or not?

The worse thing a man can to do is to lick pussy with a 1-day beard. It hurts. To lick a pussy with a 1-day beard is like rubbing the sensitive skin of the cunt with sandpaper.
If a pussy should be shaved or not is a question of taste. And advantage with a hairy cunt is that the hair helps to preserve the natural smell of the pussy, the smell that transmits signals to our brain, signals that increases the sexual arousment. A disadvantage is that the licker can get hair in his or her mouth.
The advantage with a shaved pussy is that its really inviting and that the licker doesn't get hair in his or her mouth. A disadvantage is that you have to go on shaving, not to have stubble, because it's not so comfortable for the licker with a stubbly cunt.

A final word.

To lick a cunt is an art. If she will enjoy what you do - its because you enjoy it, its because you show her that you enjoy it and you give her the time it takes. You have to listen to her, to understand what she wants and where she is, even if its said without words...

This text has hopefully given you some ideas about what to think about when you get the possibility to taste a womans magical cunt. But here, like in any other area you want to master, it takes practice and commitment to become a pro...

Good lick and have a good time!